Susanna V Design

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The founder of Dare The Creative, Susanna Göransson, lived in Los Angeles for 9 years, where she graduated in Graphic Design, to later become a Senior Graphic Designer at a entertainment company in Beverly Hills, California. She felt like she wasn’t done with her growth as a Designer, and wanted to evolve more and was later hired as a Presentation Specialist / Animator in the Santa Monica area, where she made e-lesson videos for Verizon Wireless, which have been viewed by 20,000 + people and growing.


After many years of globetrotting, working as a Graphic Designer in countries such as Thailand, Norway and The U.S, Susanna felt like it was time to go back to her roots, Sweden, where she started her own business Dare The Creative. She wanted a place where she could rest her heart and soul from the wilderness of the world, to find a creative core for her Design business. She got an office on the island Hisingen in Gothenburg Sweden, to start the never ending creative journey of Dare The Creative.




The purpose of Dare the Creative is to reach out to a wide range audience. Dare The Creative isn’t just “Avant-Garde” but also professional at Business Presentation Design. There are no limits to what we can create. If you want edgy, we will give you edgy. If you want clean and classy, then that’s what we will give you. We think outside the box, and want to be able to give you something original, modern, new, unseen and extremely professional. You will never leave our office disappointed.





We focus majorly on:



logo design

Business Cards

Package design

book / cd / movie covers

Flyers / posters / Pole banners

Banners / e-cards / e-blasts

Children’s art / books / brands

Animated e-lessons / intros and commercials

Professional Presentations

Photography such as: Events / Charity / Personal / Model / Music / Fashion / Group shots or Headshots.





Don’t be afraid to reach out with any type of questions, it will never cost you a dime to share your thoughts with us. We are here to help your ideas become your reality, and to exceed your wishes with overwhelming professionality and creativity. Always feel welcome into our creative world of never ending hope and love.